Good to Go

Book 1 of the Georgie B. Goode Vintage Trailer Mystery Series

Georgie B. Goode is ready for a change. She hasn’t really admitted this to herself, until her father (Jonathan Basil Goode, founder of the Johnny B. Goode RV Empire) asked her to choose a late-model motorhome and ‘put her stamp on it’ ready for the giant RV Expo.

Late-model motorhome? That doesn’t ring Georgie’s bells. Her first love is the Retro Travel Trailer and Vintage Van division of her father’s empire… but he and her brother Jerry think she’s crazy wanting to run it.

They don’t make it easy for Georgie. She takes to the road to prove she can live and travel in a vintage gypsy caravan, and meet her father’s outrageous sales targets as well.

What she doesn’t count on is her great-grandmother Rosa’s determination that she should carry on the family gypsy tradition of fortune-telling on the road.

crystalballWhat with brother Jerry’s conniving tricks, her father’s unreasonable demands, and dozens of people flocking to her vintage van to have their fortunes told… Georgie really does wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. And somehow, she has to figure out what the crystal ball is trying to tell her before Kaylene hooks up with a guy who is oh so wrong for her…