At last, I’ve written ‘the end’ to Book 3 of the Georgie B. Goode series: Good Riddance! (Well, I don’t actually write ‘the end’. I just finish, go and have a glass of wine and then start on the editing the next day.) 

Anyway, Georgie #3 is done. Georgie knows that it takes all kinds to make a world. (After all, she’s had to put up with her rat-fink brother Jerry B. Goode all her life, hasn’t she? And not too many people have a Great-granny like Rosa!) But when she sets herself up to do a few readings at the RV park in Santa Monica, one of her first customers is a hulking great teenage boy, who seems more inclined to want to see her arrested rather than seek her help. 

Georgie can sense there’s more behind his football-jock muscles and acne scars than meets the eye, so she keeps digging—but as the plot thickens, she finds herself calling on her fledgling Crystal Ball Investigations team for help. What they lack in experience, they make up for in ingenuity!

As though the football jock and his mother aren’t enough to cope with, her brother Jerry also seems hell-bent not only on relegating her beloved vintage van division to a tiny corner in the massive Johnny B. Goode RV Empire grounds, but also on alienating the lovely and talented Tammy. 

It’s going to take a lot of hard work before Georgie can say a heartfelt ‘good riddance’ to all of these problems in her life! 

Now it’s just the last-minute tasks before I upload all three books that begin the series, and they’ll be live!