In Book 2 of the series, Georgie has packed up her vintage gypsy caravan (with cunningly hidden modern conveniences) and taken herself off to the Retro Rally in L.A.

Why is she going there? Well, to catch up with the fun retro crowd, for one thing – how could anyone resist gorgeous retro trailers and vintage vans, and all those people whooping it up in 50s clothes? Sailor dresses, high-waisted shorts and cats-eye glasses – what a scene.

But something else has drawn Georgie to the West Coast, and she has no idea who or what until she gets there. Then someone comes to her gypsy caravan seeking help… and Georgie follows the trail with the help of her crystal ball and her fledgeling CBI team.

CBI? You mean CSI?

Nope, it’s CBI: Crystal Ball Investigations! Meet the team:

  • Georgie B. Goode: Daughter of Johnny B. Goode, the King of the RV Empire… and great-granddaughter of Rosa, once a gypsy vagabond who has passed her crystal ball on to Georgie. Georgie leads the road team for Vintage Vans… and finds trouble everywhere
  • Scott: a forest ranger and general handyman from Australia. He’s known for years that he’s going to meet Georgie: his mother saw it in the cards! This is a partnership that was in the stars
  • Layla: a retro chick who loves to dress in Capri pants and a bandana with candyman curls – and just happens to be a super salesgal
  • This would go perfectly with Tammy's Marilyn Monroe cherry-sprigged dress

    This would go perfectly with Tammy’s Marilyn Monroe cherry-sprigged dress

    I'm in love with this shoe...

    I’m in love with this shoe…

    Tammy: She’ll dress in anything retro from the 20s to the 60s: Rita Hayworth one minute; Marilyn Monroe the next, and rockabilly chick in between! But there’s an incisive intellect hidden beneath those curves and vintage clothes…