One of the things I enjoy most about writing the Georgie series is browsing the Internet to get ideas for retro fashions. Because Georgie and her friends are so immersed in the vintage trailer scene, this means that I’m always looking for ideas on everything from clothes, hairstyles and accessories to cars and vintage trailers!

I recently finished Book 6, Too Good to be True, and had the best time deciding what Tammy was going to wear – right down to her watch!

Since she was going to a retro garden party – where there would be classic cars as well as vintage trailers – I decided that I’d use these elements: Book6_Retro Don’t you love that watch???

Here’s the paragraph in Book 6 that describes how she decided on the white crêpe afternoon dress for a retro garden party:

Before she dressed for the Draper garden party, Tammy spent some time on the Internet, skimming old newspaper articles about the Drapers and scrolling through Facebook pages. Douglas Draper had six vintage cars and five trailers on his property, all housed in secure garages and insured up to the hilt. One of his personal favorites was his 1922 Mercer Series 5 Raceabout. Decision made: 1920s fashion it would be.

Satisfied, she closed her laptop and went out to her car to unearth her backup wardrobe: Tammy never traveled anywhere without a selection of vintage clothes, and she loved the long, elegant lines of her 20s outfits. Some she bought: some were replicas; run up on her sewing machine, of outfits she’d seen in photos.

She found the one she was looking for: the white crepe afternoon dress with the velvet let in that she’d made the previous summer. All it needed was a single strand of pearls (very expensive: just let Madelyn try biting those) and for Tammy to create perfect finger waves with her vintage wave clamp. She was an expert at rolling her hair under to mimic the popular cropped hairdos of the time.

Forty-five minutes later, she was ready; Cupid’s bow lips and gray smudged eye shadow completing the look. OK, Jonathan, she thought. Here I come.

And now I’m having just as much fun finding outfits for Book 7, As Good as it Gets!