One of the reasons I had so much fun writing this series was that I could ‘dress up’ along with the characters to fit in with just about any decade! Often Georgie and Co are dressed for the 50s, but the 20s makes an appearance too… and in GOOD VIBRATIONS, it’s the 60s! Beach parties were all the rage, and that’s the setting for this book.

TEASER: Georgie is really looking forward to a week’s relaxation by the sea with no work and no worries — just sun, sea and sky at a 60s-style beach party with her friends. It sounds too good to be true!

Unfortunately, it is.

A desperate woman reads about her in the local media, and comes to find the gypsy fortune-teller who might be able to help her locate her partner’s missing child.

With romance in the air, a difficult case to solve and Jaxx Saxby to avoid, Georgie soon finds that she’s never been so busy — or, as it turns out, so wrong about everything.

Will she be able to fix things in time?