It’s always exciting when a new book goes live. (I’ve given birth to 7 of them so far this year!) Here’s Book 7… And here’s the book description:


Behind the cheerful music, the clever stunts and the flamboyant costumes at Callaway’s Circus, there lurks a traitor: a heartless saboteur who wants to put the family out of business – at any cost.

Georgie is there to coach Ginger, a reluctant aerialist-turned-fortune-teller who needs to find a new job after a horrific accident that left her badly injured. However, it’s not long before Georgie realizes that what happened to Ginger may not have been an accident at all…and that there is a heck of a lot more going on behind the scenes than the Callaway family imagines.

Weaving through enthusiastic crowds lining up at sideshows and watching performances in the Big Top, Georgie and her little band of amateur sleuths need to watch their backs while they walk a tightrope between feuding family members and employees. At the same time, they keep their eyes peeled for traps set by the saboteur: nobody wants to risk serious injury to the circus employees who perform heart-stopping feats way too high for any normal person.

Nobody, that is, except one evil person hiding behind the mask of a friend…