BENEATH THE MASK – New Tammy Dyson Series

So many of you were curious about Tammy’s early life, after picking up a hint or two in the GEORGIE series about a dark past… well, now your questions have been answered!

What did happen to Tammy, all those years ago? Find out in Book 1 of the new Tammy Dyson series: BENEATH THE MASK… 

“What do you do when you lose the only person standing between you and a psychopath?”

 On the surface, Tammy Dyson’s life is idyllic. Her mother Susannah is bubbly, generous and talented, and her father Danny is highly respected in the community. Her handsome football-hero big brother Garrett is wildly popular, and even 18-year-old Kyle seems to have settled down at last, working for his uncle.

But all is not as it seems… 
Beneath his genial public mask, her father is a cold-hearted con-man, and both of her brothers take vindictive pleasure in tormenting her. All three resent the way Tammy’s mother protects her.Then the worst thing imaginable happens: Tammy’s mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Tammy is not only heartbroken but increasingly fearful. Her father grows angrier and less predictable by the day, and when nobody else is there to see, her brother Garrett’s violence escalates.  Tammy tries to keep things afloat, but as her mother’s health deteriorates she finally cracks and phones her aunt Nat to beg for help.
One of the few people who has never been fooled by her brother-in-law’s public persona, Nat Arnold immediately makes her way to Baton Rouge to look after her sister in her final days. Keeping her eyes and ears open, she is shocked and angered by what she finds. Racing against time, she becomes embroiled in a dangerous game to expose Danny Dyson and rescue Tammy before things spiral too far out of control.

A Good Result – Book 2 in Georgie’s Australian RV Series

Yes, it’s finally out!

You can find the newest book featuring Georgie and Scott in Australia here:

And just to whet your appetite… here’s the book description for A GOOD RESULT:

Two women in crisis.

A saboteur in the shadows.

A town looking the other way…

Not even an hour after they arrive in the seaside paradise of Yamba, Georgie knows that Scott’s sisters Viv and Lissa are in trouble. 

Month after month, their fledgling business Coffee, Cakes & Crepes has been plagued by problems. At first, Viv and Lissa think that they are just unlucky. An old building, growing pains, a run of bad luck…they are convinced that it will all blow over.

Finally they have no choice but to face facts: it just isn’t possible that all these mini-disasters can be a coincidence. But who wants them out so badly that they’ll stop at nothing? 

Viv, Lissa, and Georgie find themselves looking suspiciously at anyone who walks through the door, but an attempt to find out who and why is sure to be a great way to alienate the townsfolk. They have to live in this town, after all. 

But who is it? The town gossip who just happens to be there when things go wrong? The girl who cold-heartedly stole the man that Viv was in love with, and who would be happy to see her gone? The tetchy old-school cafe owner and his downtrodden wife across the road? Or is it someone else who is hiding in the shadows, taking every opportunity to destroy their livelihood?


This time, for Georgie and Scott, the stakes are high indeed. 

This is family.

This is personal.  

Beautiful Yamba

Yamba, the setting for the second book in the Georgie B. Goode Australian RV Mystery Series, is a beautiful spot. Here’s just one pic from the tourism site, and I’ve provided the link so you can see more!


In one scene, Georgie is having lunch with a group of women at a waterfront restaurant. There IS actually a lovely waterfront restaurant in Yamba, called Yamba Shores Tavern… which is probably very similar to the imaginary one in the book!Yamba Shores Tavern

Here’s Georgie and Scott’s route so far in their Australian adventure… from Tamborine Mountain to Yamba takes only a little over three and a half hours, so as you can see, they haven’t gone a great distance yet! But then…they had to spend some time with Scott’s sisters, Viv and Lissa, didn’t they?Canungra to Yamba

To put it into perspective on the Australian map, here’s how far they’ve gone…Canungra to Yamba_AusMap



Good Intentions Book 1 of New Series

Well, finally Georgie has made it to Australia!

Good Intentions by Marg McAlisterIn this new series, you’ll find that the books are longer and Georgie’s adventures are a bit grittier. Here’s the blurb for Book 1 in the series, GOOD INTENTIONS:

An idyllic rainforest that holds dark secrets.

A cold-hearted criminal and a woman on the run. 

A bushfire, racing across the Australian bush, eating up everything in its path…

None of this is quite what Georgie B. Goode, 8th generation gypsy, expected in her first month in Australia! Continue reading →

Good Golly Miss Molly

This is one of the reader favourites, with a close look at Miss Molly’s new retro trailer! The problem is, Miss Molly is in danger of losing everything… this one is free on Kindle until 28th Jan 2016!

You can preview it here:

A Rocking Good Christmas

I imagine that life for you in December has been the usual crazy rush – shopping, soclalizing and eating too much! That’s what it was like at our place, too – so busy that I completely forgot to add A ROCKING GOOD CHRISTMAS, the final book in the Georgie series, to the website! (I DID do a Facebook post, so I wasn’t totally neglectful.)

It was a bit sad, coming to the end of the first Georgie series. Some readers wrote to me bemoaning the fact that it was ending, but they were reassured when I told them that Series 2 is well on the way, and Georgie will continue her adventures in Australia!

Not only that: there’ll be a new Tammy Dyson series, too. These will be rather more suspenseful, as you discover just what it was in her past life that led her to abandon her family and go to live with her Aunt Nat.

I’ll talk more about that in January! Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet had a chance to read Book 10, A Rocking Good Christmas, put it on your to-be-read list. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s the book description for you…

10_RockingGoodChristmas_150A ROCKING GOOD CHRISTMAS
Book 10 in the Georgie B. Goode Gypsy Caravan Cozy Mystery Series

“Number one rule, Georgina Bridget Goode, is NEVER STOP FOR HITCHHIKERS,” her father told her when she first got her driver’s license. Georgie could see the sense in that rule, and has made it her own rule, too…until the day she sees Santa Claus standing by the side of the road with his thumb out and his bright red sack resting beside him.

Surely, she thinks, it couldn’t hurt to stop for Santa Claus?

So she does…but it isn’t long before Georgie is wishing that she’d stuck to her rule. This Santa Claus is in big trouble, and whether she likes it or not, Georgie is drawn into it. So, too, is her partner Scott and other members of her family — Jerry, Tammy, and Rosa — who have to join forces to rescue their favorite gypsy fortune-teller.

Hope begins to fade when, back at the RV park, they find a dark, empty trailer with no sign of either Georgie or her truck.

Where is she?
How much danger is she in?
And how can they reach her in time?

These are all questions that have her rescuers’ hearts in their mouths as they follow the trail, trying to find Georgie and her mystery Santa before it’s too late.

See it on Amazon here…

Good Vibrations – Book 9

It’s alwaGood Vibrations Book 9ys fun to see a new Georgie book go live, and now it’s the turn of Book 9 – Good Vibrations! I’ve always loved that Beach Boys song, so it was a natural for a title for one of the books – and it just had to go with a 60s beach party themed retro rally!

Makes me wish I could turn up at the beach in a wood-panelled auto with a longboard on the roof, and sit in the sand in one of those fabulous 60s swimsuits!

Of course, I wouldn’t look anything like Tammy…

You can read more about Good Vibrations here on Amazon: